Help us open the doors to our students and teachers.  

This small house located within walking distance of all our partner schools is about to be transformed into a brand new Impact One Library and Resource Center.  This Center will be the first of its kind for our 10 partner schools and give nearly 4,000 students and 50 teachers access to incredible learning opportunities.  It will operate as a traditional library for students, and also offer extracurricular learning opportunities in art, technology, and more. It will also have a dedicated resource room for teachers with educational materials, teacher’s guides, and learning aids. The Center will become the primary training location for our current partner schools, as well as a platform to reach the other 40 community schools in our community.    

In order to open the doors to our new Library and Resource Center, we need your help!  The building requires renovations, including building a secure fence around the property, connecting it to water, building bathrooms, and more.  Once the building is good to go, then we need to load it up with resources like books, computers, and places to store them.  Would you consider giving today to help us open the doors of our Library to 4,000 students?  Click below to give towards our General Library Fund or contact us to identify a specific Library project you'd like to support.