Our Partner Schools

We are currently partnering with 10 community schools within Ng'ombe Compound.  Each school has its own unique story of how it began, who it serves, and what it hopes to do in the future.  Together, these ten schools make up the first Impact One network.  For more than 3 years, we have been meeting together on a regular basis and developing a strong network of support amongst them.  Together, we are building the future of Zambia through quality education.  Click the pictures below to find out more about our partner schools.  


CHACOP School has quickly progressed past its humble beginnings. Having started in 2007 with only 7 children, CHACOP School now educates more than 270 Ng’ombe kids! When you walk through the door, over 50 wide-eyed and eager-to-learn preschool students peer at you from within the closest classroom. Amazingly, these young pupils are the best listeners, according to CHACOP School Director, Bibian Njobvu. 

Generous School

Eleven years ago, Nickton Nyirenda saw a need in his community. Leaving his stable mechanic job, he started Generous Community School to help educate the thousands of vulnerable children populating Ng’ombe Compound. From its inception, Generous School has grown dramatically, now serving 297 students. Tasked with educating this multitude of children are 3 teachers who rotate among 4 classrooms packed with pupils. When asked how 3 teachers can manage, Nickton responds that the students are just “too good.  They understand why they are here,” he says.  They want to learn! 

Fountain of Life School

When you walk through the door of Fountain of Life Community School, you immediately sense the overflowing love for kids and love for learning. Bustling with activity, it's hard to believe the school almost closed down 5 years ago when the original founders decided it was no longer worthwhile.  The parents, the students, and the two remaining teachers, Priscilla and Magret, disagreed. Committed to keeping the school open so that vulnerable children of Ng'ombe compound could receive an education, Priscilla and Magret assumed the role of Co-Directors and forged ahead.  When asked about the school’s newly chosen name – Fountain of Life – Priscilla says, "because this is where life happens!"