Give one life-changing gift for Christmas.  

So many gifts get opened on Christmas day.  Some get used.  Some get returned.  Some get stored in a closet.  And some even get forgotten.  This year, join Impact One in giving a gift that can change the world.  It’s a gift that is always appreciated and never forgotten.  It’s a gift that isn’t just opened once a year… but one that keeps giving every day of the year.  It’s a gift that will change a child’s life forever.  The gift of education.  

This year, your One Gift will help open the doors to our new Library and Resource Center.  A one-of-a-kind Center in Ng'ombe that will provide incredible learning opportunities to students and teachers.  Your One Gift can help fill up empty rooms with books, shelves, educational activities, computers, and more.    

Honor the people you care about with One Gift from Impact One.  With each donation you make, your loved one will receive a special note from Impact One, including pictures of the Library and a story of their gift's impact.  They will always remember the year their Christmas gift opened a new Library.  Share joy with your loved ones and with the children in Zambia!