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Your monthly sponsorship provides teacher trainings, educational supplies, reading programs, and more for our partner schools in Ng'ombe Compound.  Each donation helps strengthen our work with the 9 different schools within our Network.  As a monthly sponsor, you'll have the privilege of being matched with a specific school within our program so that you can see the day to day impact of your donations.  When you enroll, you'll receive an introductory profile of your sponsored school.  You will then receive school-specific updates to follow along with the school's progress over time.  

Our monthly sponsors have a tremendous impact on our work.  Providing a steady and predictable flow of resources allows us to plan our work effectively to support our partner schools.  By supporting entire schools, your monthly sponsorship can impact hundreds of children, their families, and their community.    

To enroll online today, select the level of sponsorship below and click "Sponsor."  You will be redirected to PayPal to complete your sponsorship set up.   

Monthly Impact Giving

If you're interested in giving by check or bank transfer, call us at 270-444-6276 or email us here for help setting that up.

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