Frequently Asked Questions for Churches

Why should our church partner with Impact One?

Impact One Initiative is a unique organization for a few reasons. Instead of teaching students ourselves, Impact One is empowering and equipping local community members with the skills they need to serve younger generations. We are a mission-oriented organization, striving to spread the love of God by helping teachers and students find their God-given talents and develop them for His good works.

Impact One provides your church with the opportunity for a life-changing cross-cultural experience. When you partner with us, we will keep you updated on our schools and programs through the Impact Club.Impact One is a small enough organization that we can tailor-make our partnerships to blend the interests of your church with our needs as an organization. We strive to make sure our partners feel connected with Zambia and the work being done on the ground. We encourage anyone, whether that be an individual, small group or missions team to come visit us and see just how your donations are helping impact lives with God’s love and the power of education.

What are the ways that our church can get involved?

We have many different ways your church can get involved. Partner with us through: • Giving a one-time financial gift • Giving a monthly financial gift • Sending teams to learn more about our work and offer their skills to our teachers and students • Using our children’s video series in your church at home • Telling others about us and what we do

Do you have mission trip opportunities?

Yes, we welcome anyone who wants to use their talents to teach our students or equip our teachers. Use your own gifts to make a difference. Are you a teacher? Graphic designer? Administrator? Accountant? Business person? Nurse? Or just have a heart for children in Africa? Whatever your skill might be, we can find a way for you to use it to make an impact. We tailor our trip opportunities to fit the desires and talents of your group.

How will our donations be used?

Your donations allow us to continue partnering with 9 community schools to provide training and mentoring, educational resources, and networking opportunities. We have a variety of expenses in our organization including managing our library facility, facilitating training events, paying staff members who mentor our school teachers, and providing regular grant opportunities for our schools to purchase much needed supplies. Here is a quick look at what your money can do to assist our programs:

A one-time gift of:

$150 can buy a set of literacy books for one school

$750 can provide one school grant to purchase educational resources and supplies

$1,000 can fund a typical training event for 25 teachers

Monthly donations allow us to provide consistent, ongoing support to our partner schools:

$100 each month can provide one-on-one mentoring services for a teacher

$500 each month can support ongoing training, networking, and educational activities for all of the teachers at our partner schools

$1,000 each month can help cover the operating costs of the Library and Resource Center including staffing, utilities, and maintenance.

How do we stay updated once we’ve partnered with Impact One?

As a church or individual, you can sign up to receive newsletters from Impact One. Social media is another great way to stay connected with us. You can find us onYouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you have specific questions about a project, feel free to email us or message us on any of our social media channels and we’ll answer any questions that you have. Impact Club is another great way to stay connected.

What is the Impact Club?

The Impact Club consists of people around the world who choose to give on a regular basis so that our nine partner schools in Zambia are equipped to educate their students for a brighter future. The Impact Club allows you to support our work and see how your donations are making a difference. When you sign up for the Impact Club, you’ll be matched with one of our partner schools and will receive an introductory profile of that school. Each month, you’ll receive an email update from your partner school where you’ll learn more about the students and teachers, the work of Impact One Initiative, and the impact your donations are having.

Is there someone who could come speak to our congregation?

Yes! We have Impact One ambassadors in the U.S. who can share with your congregation and at least once a year, one of our employees comes from Zambia to spend time with our U.S. partners. Both ambassadors and employees can be available to visit your church, speak to congregants and answer any questions you have. Contact us for more information or to schedule a visit.

Who should we contact about getting involved with Impact One?

If you’re interested in donating or learning more, contact us today.