Impact One Initiative is equipping community schools in Ng’ombe compound to impact the lives of their children.


Community schools are a grassroots solution to the need for education in impoverished communities in Zambia. But these schools face a multitude of challenges. They receive no government funding, and are supported only by what the community can give, which is usually very little if anything. They are managed by untrained, volunteer teachers who rarely have a curriculum, books, or supplies to help them teach.

Recognizing the extreme value of education and the vast potential of community schools, Impact One Initiative comes alongside existing community schools to help equip them to excel in educating children, impacting families, and transforming their community.  We meet the schools where they are, identify their priority needs, and work together to address those needs.  We accomplish our work through 3 key activities:

  • The provision of educational materials 
  • Training and knowledge building
  • Creating networks of support.

We use a strategic approach of meeting urgent educational needs while also developing long-term sustainable solutions to help the community schools gain independence and maintain high standards of excellence in educating children, impacting families, and transforming the community for years to come.