Impact Club Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Impact Club?

The Impact Club is made up of people, just like you, who choose to give monthly so that our partner schools can be equipped to educate their students for a brighter future.

What is Impact One Initiative?

Impact One Initiative is a nonprofit organization equipping underprivileged schools in Lusaka, Zambia with the skills and resources needed to provide a quality education for their students. Working with 9 schools in one impoverished community, we provide the following services:
1) training and mentoring for school teachers and leaders 2) literacy, technology, and arts programs for students 3) small grants for schools to improve infrastructure and purchase educational resources

What do I receive as a sponsor?

As a church or individual, you can sign up to receive newslettersWhen you sign up, you will be matched with one of our partner schools and will receive an introductory profile of the school. Each month, you will receive an email update from your partner school where you will learn more about the students and teachers, the work of Impact One, and the impact your donations are having.

Why should I be a part of the Impact Club?

Monthly giving is the easiest and most significant way to be a part of the work we are doing. Monthly donations, no matter the size, help sustain our day-to-day work and plan for the future. By joining the Impact Club, you will be a part of transforming schools and changing lives forever.

What are my different giving options?

1) Give online via PayPal using a credit/debit card. 2) Set up a recurring transfer from your bank account.
3) Send a monthly check to our office at 601 Broadway St, Paducah, KY 42001

How do I become a part of the Impact Club?

Sign up online or contact our office.

Where can I find out more information about my school?

You will receive a profile of your school, as well as regular communication regarding your school’s progress. If you have specific questions regarding your school, email us and we’ll be happy to answer you!

Can I visit my school?

We love to have visitors at Impact One! If you are interested in visiting us in Zambia, you would have the chance to see your partner school, as well as the other schools within our network. You will also have the chance to see the community we work in and the Library and Resource Center that serves our partner schools. If you are interested in visiting our work, please contact us.

How is my money used?

Your money is used to support the programs that benefit our network of 9 schools. It will help us continue training and mentoring all of our schools, including your partner school, as well as providing books, technology, resources, and more. The money will not be given directly to your partner school, but will be used in such a way to encourage sustainable development within the school.

Can I choose the school I sponsor?

Can I sponsor a student or teacher instead?

No, not directly. Our model of work focuses on equipping schools for the benefit of all the students and teachers within them. It’s for this reason that we encourage school sponsorship as opposed to an individual student or teacher sponsorship. When you give, your money will support the work of the school, which is in turn raising up all the teachers and students within the school. Therefore, instead of supporting one child, you can support hundreds at a time!