Celebrating 2 years!

A  Note from our Founder

Just two short years ago, Impact One was born. Holding our registration certificate in my hand, I made a commitment that special day to always take time to celebrate our achievements. In the last 2 years, we have had so many things to celebrate. From seeing children learn to read to Directors managing money wisely to schools leaning on each other for support, I have seen our program working and changing lives. And I wish more than anything that you could see these things too!

So for our 2nd birthday, I want to stop and celebrate with you… our faithful prayer warriors, advocates, and donors. It’s because of you that I get to tell this exciting story!

The dream of Impact One all started with 2 ladies in one unnoticed little school. Tucked away in a run-down building in Ng’ombe compound, there was no sign to mark its location. It was hardly recognizable as a school. With no desks, no tables, and very few books, the only thing that gave its identity away was the small chalkboards covered with lessons.

Although unnoticed by most, 200 students were learning here every day… and they were taught by 2 of the most dedicated women I have ever met. Despite the myriad of challenges in their way, Priscilla and Magret were determined to give their students the best education they could. A lack of books, desks, training, and even money for their own salaries couldn’t stop them. The passion of these 2 women is what sparked the dream of Impact One.

In the past 2 years, I have spent countless hours in this unnoticed little school. I have watched the children read with volunteers. I have revised budgets and cashbooks. I have cheered when they opened a bank account. I have sung songs, played games, and edited children’s work. And I have watched Priscilla and Magret blossom in to better leaders and teachers with more skills and renewed hearts.

There have been so many celebrations in the past 2 years, but let me tell you about our latest reason to dance…

This unnoticed little school mustered up all the skills they have learned these past 2 years and wrote a letter to the biggest bank in town asking for support.  As a tiny fish in a giant pond, I wasn’t even sure they would get a response.  More than a month passed and my faith wavered even more.  Just last week, Priscilla pulled me aside to tell me some news…

The big bank had visited this unnoticed little school and pledged to support them financially.  Oh how I cried!  Oh how I danced!  Oh how I celebrated!  Because you see… sometimes 2 years can feel like a really long time.  Sometimes 2 years is hard.  And sometimes when faced with so many needs over 2 years, I just want to fix them.

But I stand convinced that sustainable change is the only solution.  When I walked through that door 2 years ago, I could have easily purchased the desks, books, and supplies they needed to be a better school.  I could have provided a quick solution to the surface needs.  But instead, I chose to take a much slower road of teaching Priscilla and Magret the skills they needed to create their own solutions… solutions that will sustain a better school long after I’m gone.

So today, celebrate with me!  This unnoticed little school is starting to be seen.  They are using their new skills to create a better education for 200 students.

A better education leads to a brighter future.  Now that’s a reason to celebrate!
Happy Birthday, Impact One!


~ Whitney