Fueling Passion With Skills

One major skill we developed with our School Directors last year was how to plan effectively. We learned how to take the dreams, ideas, and visions from our hearts and minds and translate them in to well-organized plans on paper. This skill is something that most of our Directors have never been taught. For years, they have been leading schools with only their passion to guide them. But now, they are gaining the skills to back up those incredible passions.

At the beginning of this year, we sat down with our partner schools to look at their plans.  It was so exciting to see their passionate hearts overflow in to ambitious plans on paper.  Here are a just a few things our partner schools hope to achieve this year.

  1. Creating afternoon reading groups for students to improve their literacy skills.
  2. Painting the school so that the environment is better for learning.
  3. Creating signs and t-shirts to advertise for the school to increase enrollment.
  4. Building a new classroom to have more space for the students.
  5. Teaching the sounds of the alphabet so that every student can read by grade 2.

Now that the plans are on paper, our job at Impact One is to continue supporting them to achieve their goals.  As we visit our partner schools each week, we are able to encourage them in their progress and identify opportunities for more training and mentoring.  With the right skills, our partner schools can fulfill their passion to educate children.  And with educated children, anything can happen!

Join us in fueling passion with skills.