Laying the Foundation

Twenty-four excited and nervous participants walked through the door bright and early on a Monday morning for our first community school training. Unsure of what was to come, the week started out rather quiet. But it didn’t take long for friendships to form and the chatting to begin. Committed to improving their schools, these 24 individuals gave up a week of their Christmas break to come and learn something new. They had no idea what was in store for them that week, but they were ready and willing to give Impact One a chance.

For our first training, we focused on equipping the school’s managers to become more effective in planning, implementing, and managing their projects. Throughout the week, we discussed a variety of topics – including assessing needs, setting goals and objectives, creating effective strategies to meet the goals, and evaluating the project’s progress in achieving those goals. Working in groups, they each had the chance to plan their own special project from start to finish.

Although they didn’t know what to expect on Monday morning, the overwhelming response was that they were pleased with what they found. Along with the knowledge gained, they had the opportunity to interact with and learn from others who also have a heart for impacting children with education. Those 24 participants represented 14 different schools in Ng’ombe. This week was just the beginning of the management training and networking series that Impact One will offer these schools. As we work to equip these local schools, we will be impacting thousands of children in Ng’ombe with the hope of education.

Here are just a few of the comments from the training…

“This training is an eye opener. What we have gained here is more than what we have spent. Let’s work together as a team. Let’s consult each other and make a way forward to lift up Ng’ombe.”
“One day, God will make a breakthrough. It will come and today it has.”
“Words might not be enough to express our gratitude for the information acquired in this workshop… Because you have just opened the future to our institutions. Our hope is that you will continue to empower as many people as possible and that such programs should not end from here.”