"We're Going Far!"

It's been a very exciting month for our schools as we began distributing this year's grants! Although this is our 4th round of grants, the excitement never fades. Our grant program has resulted in significant transformation in our schools.  Not only does it enable them to purchase much needed educational resources, but it allows our School Directors to build many new skills.  

One skill they have learned is proposal writing. Having written four different proposals to Impact One over the past few years, they are now confident to engage other donors as well. At the end of 2016, 6 schools submitted project proposals to international donors. And this week, as I have visited our schools, I have been asked to review multiple letters requesting technology, books, and teacher's salaries from local organizations.

Another skill we are building through our grant program is financial management. In order to be approved from Impact One, our schools have to display evidence of improved financial records. During the approval process this year, I visited each school to monitor their financial systems and documents. It was such a blessing to look at each School Director and say, "Well done! I am so proud of you! We are happy to fund your project request!"

The progress in our schools is becoming more and more evident each year. Improved management systems. Organized offices. Classrooms equipped with desks. Cabinets stocked with books. More effective teaching instruction. More time devoted to reading. 

All of these school achievements are resulting in improved student performance.  Just exactly why Impact One was created! 

With their grants, our schools are busy buying textbooks, computers, storage cabinets, and more. And one school is breaking ground on two new classrooms! It's hard to choose my favorite part of this whole process. But one thing I will always cherish is the response our Directors give when they receive another grant.  The words I have heard this month...

"Thank you for your heart!"

"I am so humbled."

"I am so excited!"  

"With Impact One, we are going far!"

And my response, "Yes, my dearest friends and partners, your schools and your students will go very far!"

~ Whitney
Impact One Founder