Back to School... Finally!

2018 began with a wild start.  With a devastating cholera outbreak in Lusaka, our schools were closed for an extended period and all of our training programs were cancelled.  During this chaotic time, our School Directors were hard at work sourcing funds and supplies to help improve their sanitation and hygiene standards.  The cholera outbreak has now been contained and our schools opened again last week… cleaner than ever!  

This month, the schools are investing time and energy to teach their students the importance of good hygiene and sanitation to prevent disease.  This devastating period has reminded us that our partner schools are catalysts for change.  What they teach in the classroom extends far beyond math formulas and grammar skills.  They are imparting knowledge and behaviors into children that can save lives and change the future of the entire country.  We're proud to partner with these community schools!  

We are also excited to launch a brand new Technology Program this year in our schools.  In collaboration with the Rotary Club, we are introducing tablet-based learning in our classrooms.  This month, our teachers will receive training on how to use the equipment.  

11 Tablets.JPG