Extreme Makeover: Library Edition

The atmosphere is buzzing with excitement! We completed the renovations to our Library and have been busy moving in this month. Building furniture, buying furniture, arranging furniture… and then filling up furniture with books and resources, the place is coming together beautifully. For the past two weeks, our growing team of 5 staff (more on that news later) has been working from our new office within the Library. It’s so much fun to be working in a space we’ve created and to be dreaming of all the ways we can use it.  

On Friday, we will have a Grand Opening for our schools. They are also buzzing with what this new Center will mean for them and their students. We just received this message from one of our School Directors, “Hi Whitney!  Just want to confirm that we will be in attendance for the Grand Opening Ceremony of our first ever and our own library.  It is so amazing!”

This Center has been created to further enhance the learning that already takes place in our community schools. We are beyond proud to partner with schools who are committed to creating a brighter future for their community, and we can’t wait to share this new Center with them.    

We are also blessed to have you on our side. This Center would not be possible without your prayers and donations. You may be far away, but you have built this place with us!

If you'd like to see how each room has transformed, take a look at this Before and After Video.  It's definitely been an Extreme Makeover!