Learning at the Library

This month, students began using our new Library for the first time. If I could bottle up the joy here and send it to you, I most certainly would! While at the Library, students have had the opportunity to read books, put together puzzles, and draw pictures. A few things I’ve observed...

Many of our students have never seen a puzzle. It is so much fun to watch them twist and turn each piece, seeing how colors and shapes line up together. This one little activity is growing and shaping their brains in new ways. After a group of boys had just finished a Spiderman puzzle, one turned and looked at me, shook my hand, and said, “That was great!” With such joy, he ran out of the room and found the Library Manager Marissa and told her the same thing.  

It’s also been fun to watch their eyes roam back and forth across the shelves trying to choose from the thousands of books. They have never seen so many books in one place… and the decision on what to read feels like the most important decision they will ever make. On their first visit, they are reading books from within the Library. But on their next visit, they will get the chance to check out a book and take it home with them. Can you imagine how much more their hearts will pitter patter and their brains will grow?! 

We've only just begun and already we can see how this Center will change lives. Thank you for giving, praying, and advocating to open the doors of this Library. You are creating opportunities for so many children!    

Here’s that little bottle of joy for you in pictures!