5 Years of Impact

5 years ago the journey began… with a certificate of registration and a plan. The plan was simple:  come alongside community schools in loving partnership to support them in educating the future of Zambia.  

5 years later, we have 9 partner schools who benefit from 5 robust programs:  Teacher Training and Mentoring, School Networking, Reading, Technology, and Grants. We have 5 staff to coordinate the work. And we have a brand new Library and Resource Center that is not only supporting our partner schools, but also reaching out to the community around us.  

What began 5 years ago as a simple plan is now a thriving organization impacting the lives of 3,000 students… who will then impact the lives of their families, their community, and all of Zambia.  

Take a look at the 5 year journey in this short video.