Excitement of E-learning

This year, we introduced an exciting new e-learning program in our schools.  Grade 1 to 3 teachers are now using interactive tablets to teach their math classes.  The students and teachers are absolutely loving it!  Lessons are fun and interactive.  Attendance and participation is sky rocketing.  And most importantly, students are gaining a better understanding of how to do math!  We asked one of our teachers, Wilfred, to tell us how the new e-learning program (iSchool) has made an impact.  Take a look at his story.

Since the introduction of the iSchool tablets, lessons have been very exciting to deliver. My students have massively improved because of the videos in the pupil content. As a teacher, I have really grown in confidence such that am able to stand in class and execute the lessons with a lot of self esteem.

Students have always been happy after iSchool tablets were introduced to them. They have stopped missing classes unnecessarily because they always want to manipulate the tablets once they are in school. Enock, Gibson, Naomi, and Hope have really improved such that they can even take time to teach their fellow students!  

One of my students, Gibson (7 years old), said, “I like the tablets because they teach me so many things.  For example, I watched people buying and selling at the market.  From that lesson, I was able to know how to buy as well.”

Thanks Impact One Initiative for the tablets. Hoping for more support from you as we improve the students. Thumbs up!

Thank you to the Rotary Club of Paducah and Rotary Club of Lusaka Central for helping us bring e-learning to our schools!