Celebrating all the New

At the end of every year, we love to celebrate what we've achieved together! Through your generosity and support, Impact One has grown by leaps and bounds in 2018. Take a look at a few highlights...

We launched our new Library and Resource Center!
Not only do we have a place for our staff and resources to call home, we have a place where we can welcome in teachers and students for further learning and growth! Our Library is helping us equip our partner schools and develop new relationships in the community for greater impact. 

We launched new programs in our schools - E-learning and Preschool Mentoring!
Through our e-learning program, our schools are now using interactive tablets every day to help deliver lessons. The kids and teachers are loving it! In our Preschool Mentoring, our teachers are learning the value of play in the classroom. The students are engaging in hands-on activities for the first time! Using building blocks, role play, matching games and more, they are having fun and developing skills they need for future learning. 

Our staff have grown from 2 to 5!
With 5 members on the team, we can provide more programs and follow-up support to our partner schools. In December, we were able to host three different training events for our schools. Our School Directors attended two events - learning computer skills and how to market their schools to improve sustainability. Our preschool teachers also had the chance to come together and create new resources to help them encourage interactive learning in the new year.

In 2018, we celebrated 5 years of Impact One and also experienced more growth than ever. Equipped with skills in reading, technology, arts, and more, our students are prepared to be change makers in their community!