Spreading the Love... And the Skills!

Our core priority is training teachers with new skills, but that doesn't mean we are always the trainers! In our network of 9 schools, our teachers and directors are gifted with a variety of skills. One of our roles at Impact One is to give them a platform to share those skills with each other. One of those platforms is the Teacher Group Meetings, which are organized by our School Directors to encourage and equip their own teachers. 

This year, our School Directors have chosen to use the Teacher Group Meetings as an opportunity to build skills in Creative and Technology Studies. In January, they invited all of their teachers to come to our Library and Resource Center for the first session. While there, Fountain of Life School Director, Priscilla, taught the others how to weave using local resources. This particular skill is found throughout the entire Zambian primary school curriculum. 

The teachers had so much fun with the hands-on learning. One teacher, Nickton, has already reported that he went back to school and taught his students. Then he went home and taught his wife and children!  

That is the beauty of education in our community... it always has a ripple effect! Whether it's the teachers or the students, when they learn something new, they are eager to share it with those they love.    

The schools are already planning their next Teacher Group Meeting where two teachers will share their skills in wood carving and sewing. Spreading the love!