Investing in Leaders

One of our core goals at Impact One is to equip our schools. Through every training, meeting, and school visit, we seek to impart both skills and confidence in to our school leaders and teachers, because we believe they can! We believe they can do so many things, and we want them to believe that too. We also know that empowered teachers will raise up empowered students.    

At last week's Network Meeting, I saw the beautiful results of equipping our school leaders with such confidence. Having been in the U.S. for nearly 3 months, I was eager to hear their updates, but I received much more than I expected! After many hugs and handshakes, the group of school leaders presented a detailed plan to strengthen the Network next year. Their goals included:

  1. Hosting inter-school games and activities to build friendships and unity among the students in the community
  2. Facilitating teacher group meetings to practice their teaching skills and encourage each other to become more effective
  3. Collaborating to write project proposals and seek funding to develop their schools further

I watched with such joy and pride as they presented their ideas with confidence; and I was humbled as they requested my blessing to move forward with their plans. Of course I gave them a resounding yes!  

Over the past 3 years, our school directors have blossomed into leaders who can identify their challenges and work together to create solutions for them.  

This is Impact One at work! Creating quality schools by investing in their leadership!

~ Whitney