Three Years of Impact

After three years of committed partnerships and custom-designed programs, we are celebrating our 3rd birthday with incredible success. With new skills, new supplies, and new programs, our schools are improving each day! And as they improve, the community is taking notice.  

Here is what we are seeing in our schools today:

  • Improved Reading Levels - This year, an average of 50% of our students improved at least one reading level!
  • Improved Passing Rates - One partner school has seen their Grade 7 passing rates improve from 50% to 75% since working with Impact One!
  • Increased Enrollment - When the community hears about improved reading and testing scores, they all want to enroll their children!
  • Increased Income - As the school's reputation improves, so does their ability to raise income to support their work and further improve the school.  

We are rejoicing to see our partner schools take so many steps forward. When we began our work, many of them went unnoticed by their own community and especially by those outside of the community.  But as our school leaders learn new skills, grow in confidence, and pursue their dreams for Ng'ombe, they are beginning to receive the recognition they deserve.  Just last month, three of our School Principals were elected to leadership positions on the area's School Board. (You should've seen Whitney dance when she heard that news.)

Wherever you are, celebrate with us as we see our dreams coming true for Ng'ombe. As the schools improve in quality, the future becomes brighter for each and every child!  

Thank you for 3 years of impacting lives with us!